Masonry Repair in Griffin

A full-service and certified masonry repair and restoration contractor, Savannah Construction, LLC. offers a skilled team of experts experienced with every aspect of masonry repair that can be adapted to a wide range of commercial properties in Griffin. Our qualified team of masons works closely with building owners and managers to properly plan for the specific requirements for each project with detailed written price estimates for masonry repair that is carried out in accordance with the highest standards in the industry.

What Services Can I Expect From a Masonry Contractor Near Me?

For masonry repair work that is completed on time and on budget, consult with Savannah Construction, LLC. for services that include:

Masonry Brick Repair – The structural integrity of a commercial building in Griffin may be threatened when brick and mortar has become damaged and shows signs of cracking and deterioration. Savannah Construction, LLC. brick masons remove and replace damaged brick and build it back up to its original state or better to ensure an overall uniform appearance that blends in with existing masonry.

Mortar Repair for Cracks Along Mortar Joints – Cracking along mortar joints can signal a problem with the foundation of your commercial structure. Licensed Savannah Construction, LLC. experts provide complete and licensed assessments and apply customized mortar mixtures that repair and seal brickwork to extend its lifespan to ultimately protect your commercial property.

Masonry Chimney Repair – Experienced Savannah Construction, LLC. masons offer licensed chimney cleaning and repair services for commercial buildings in Griffin. Ensure the safety of your employees and associates with professional chimney repair that includes chimney cap and flashing repair and replacement.

Commercial Stone Masonry Restoration – Savannah Construction, LLC. applies specially formulated cleaning solutions to stained and soiled stone finishes that restore masonry to its original lustrous finish.

Mortar Damage

Although the brick and stone masonry of any structure is built to last and withstand a range of environmental conditions, even the best installations require inspection and upkeep to maintain their performance over time. Decayed masonry joints develop cracks and gaps over time as a result of freeze thaw cycles and continued exposure to extreme weather conditions, pollutants and below par work in the original construction. When mortar decay is left unaddressed, the result is typically moisture problems and eventual water infiltration that will not only become visible on exterior architecture, but detract from the security of interior building components that result in more costly repairs down the road.

Professional Brick Repointing

Savannah Construction, LLC. professional brick pointing involves skilled and efficient repair to mortar joints from a skilled team of certified specialists. Professional brick repointing not only preserves business property values by enhancing the aesthetic appearance of a commercial business building in Griffin, but is also a vital aspect of the proper functioning of related components and their overall structural security.

The Benefits of Brick Repointing From a Masonry Specialist:

  • Structural security and protection
  • Conservation of historic properties and landmarks
  • Enhanced visual appearance
  • Increased property value

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