Masonry Repair in Atlanta

Savannah Construction, LLC. masonry contractors are experts with providing professional masonry repair for any type of commercial or historical property in the Marietta region. Benefit from professional assessments and free estimates geared toward ensuring the structural security of your property that include free estimates for licensed masonry work on both the interior and exterior facades of your business.

What are the services offered by a certified masonry contractor near me?

Professional installed stone and brickwork on commercial properties can be expected to last for decades. Even with the best of constructions, masonry is subject to decay over time due to constant exposure to diverse environmental and weather conditions that eventually render your commercial building in Atlanta vulnerable to water infiltration and moisture problems. Savannah Construction, LLC. recommends prompt and immediate assessment of deteriorated masonry to avoid permanent structural damage.

Brick Repair and Brick Wall Restoration – The lifespan of mortar joints on your commercial building in Atlanta can vary greatly depending on a range of factors that include the original installation, environmental conditions and frequency of maintenance Savannah Construction, LLC. masons provide licensed inspections of brickwork to assess and repair moisture pockets and deteriorated masonry on exterior brick walls and decayed mortar joints. Our skilled craftsmen replace and rebuild all brick components according to the highest industry safety standards that includes specially formulated mortar mixes customized to the specific masonry requirements of your commercial building in Atlanta.

Masonry Chimney Repair – Savannah Construction, LLC. experts protect your property with a range of solutions that include professional chimney rebuilding, repointing and skilled repair to flashing, chimney caps and flues from a team of licensed craftsmen.

Savannah Construction, LLC. Tuck Pointing

Repointing commercial brick facades involves skilled and precise chiseling of mortar joints to remove the old and decayed filling and replace it with freshly mixed mortar that provides a protective seal that lasts for decades and offers a renewed and revived appearance to worn out commercial brick facades. In addition to the aesthetic value offered by brick masonry repair, Savannah Construction, LLC. masons repair cracks in brick mortar to ensure protection against moisture and water infiltration as well as humidity problems with can undermine the overall structural security of a commercial or historical building if left unaddressed. Brick repointing by our qualified masonry contractors in Atlanta also includes color matching with the existing brickwork that remains intact.

The Importance of Brick Pointing for Your Commercial Property in Atlanta

Older commercial buildings in Atlanta, as well as those in industrial areas are subject to the constant threat of a range of adverse effects from pollutions and the consequences of the use of fossil fuels that significantly contribute to damaged masonry. Savannah Construction, LLC. brick pointing is an effective solution toward preserving a historical building and the property and resale value of a modern commercial building that ensures the protection of your business investment as well as the conservation of important heritage landmarks.

Brick Pointing and Masonry Repair Services Are Suitable for:

  • New brick and masonry commercial installations
  • Concrete facade restoration and repair
  • Caulking and sealing of commercial stone and brick structures

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